The Best Fishing Deck Boots

A buyer's guide to the top deck boots available to recreational fishermen in 2024.

Fishing deck boots have been an iconic part of the fisherman’s wardrobe since the invention of the “Wellington boot” some 200 years ago. The “rubber boot” is designed to keep the elements out, while providing traction on slick surfaces. 

There are different styles and levels of protection, but all deck boots are built on a non-slip sole with a water-resistant upper to help fishermen stay dry, safe, and comfortable while on the water. Just 15 years ago, deck boot options were limited to just a few manufacturers, predominantly in the commercial fishing space, but today, recreational fishermen have dozens of options when selecting a fishing deck boot that’s ideal for their style of fishing.

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6-inch/Ankle Deck Boots

Ankle deck boots provide maximum mobility for sport fishing applications, especially during the spring and summer months. They are a popular choice among recreational inshore and offshore anglers because their low-ankle style allows for a greater range of motion and is more breathable than a mid-calf style boot. These more casual deck boots are an equally good choice for a half-day sea bass trip as they are for a full day in the canyons.

XTRATUF 6-inch Ankle Deck Boot


Xtratuf 6″ Ankle Deck Boot

Designed for use by the everyday angler, this completely waterproof boot features a slip-resistant outsole for safe use on decks and docks. Front and rear pull-on tabs allow anglers to slip in and out of the boots with ease. With lightweight construction and an XPRESSCOOL liner for breathability, these boots are good options for warm-weather fishing. 

HUK Rogue Wave


HUK Rogue Wave Fishing and Deck Boot

Designed for optimal performance and comfort, the Rogue Wave boot touts Huk’s Grip-X Slice outsole traction pattern, which maximizes surface area over wet surfaces. In the boot, breathable mesh liners wick away sweat and moisture from the EVA footbed to keep anglers cool and comfortable, while a neoprene and rubber upper boot provide flexible waterproof support around the ankle. 

Simms 7-inch Challenger Boot


Simms Challenger 7-inch Deck boot
Simms Men’s 7-inch Challenger Deck Boot

Simms engineered these boots with a flexible, yet durable, hardened rubber with neoprene lining to provide waterproof protection and comfort in wet conditions. Simms’ rugged deck outsole generates traction on slippery surfaces, while their Right-Angle footbed and an extra inch around the ankle provide relieving support and cushion throughout a long day on the boat.  

Grundens Deviation Ankle Boot

Starting at $134.99

Gundens Deviation 6″ Ankle Boot

For supreme traction on muddy, wet, and bloodied decks, Grundens Deviation boot features a non-marking lugged rubber outsole designed to grip slick surfaces by dispersing water. An extra-thick EVA insole provides cushion and shock resistance on hard surfaces over turbulent seas, and the anti-odor lining keeps minimizes the stench associated with fish, sweat and wet gear.

XTRATUF Wheelhouse Deck Boot


XTRATUF Men’s 6-inch Wheelhouse Ankle Deck Boot

A step above the basic ankle deck boot, these commercial-grade boots have a slightly wider fit and feature and EVA-blended insole for extra comfort through long hours on the water. The boots are reinforced around highly stressed areas on the toe box, the heel and pull-on tabs, and an oil-resistant SRC-rated outsole that guarantees premium traction on slick surfaces. 

XTRATUF Women’s Ankle Deck Boots


XTRATUF Women’s Ankle Deck Boots

Designed for daily use on the water, this completely waterproof boot features a non-marking slip-resistant Chevron outsole for safe use on decks and docks. Front and rear pull-on tabs allow anglers to slip in and out of the boots with ease. With lightweight construction and a breathable liner, these boots are good options for warm-weather fishing.

XTRATUF Trolling Pack Ankle Deck Boot


XTRATUF Men’s 6-inch Trolling Pack Ankle Deck Boot

When chilly conditions roll around in the fall, the Trolling Pack deck boot is a fully waterproof, faux-shearling insulated ankle boot with all the same slip-resistant features as the classic XTRATUF Legacy boot. It maintains two on-and-off pull tabs in the front and rear, and the same non-marking Chevron outsole for a warmer boot that provides equal stability on wet surfaces and protection from the elements.

XTRATUF Sport Deck Boot


XTRATUF 6-inch Men’s Ankle Deck Sport Boots

Built for the agile angler, these waterproof sport deck boots feature an athletic silhouette resembling a sneaker. The XTRATUF Sport deck boot is built from a tough, slip-resistant foam to provide extra cushion and is 30-percent lighter than other 6-inch deck boots. The heel tab is slightly lower for increased comfort, and they are lined with a breathable mesh fabric, leading to a utility shoe with the look style of a sneaker, but the traction and durability of a deck boot. 

XTRATUF Eco Deck Boot


XTRATUF Men’s 6-inch Eco Ankle Deck Boot

Built around their classic, slip-resistant Chevron outsole, XTRATUF’s Eco deck boot is 100-percent waterproofed with Yulex—a rubbery, plant-based substitute for standard neoprene that derives from the Hevea tree. This lightweight boot maintains the expected durability and flexibility of XTRATUF boots, while an anti-microbial evaporative cooling liner wicks moisture and provides breathability during hot and humid conditions. 

XTRATUF Realtree EDGE Wheelhouse Deck Boot


XTRATUF Men’s 6-inch Realtree Edge Wheelhouse Ankle Deck Boot

This commercial grade version of the original ankle deck boot comes in Realtree camouflage print and features a wider fit with a reinforced toe and heel, and an EVA-blended insole to provide all-day camo-comfort on the deck, whether duck hunting, fishing, or shellfishing. 

XTRATUF Mossy Oak Elements Deck Boot


XTRATUF Men’s 6-inch Mossy Oak Elements Ankle Deck Boot

These winter-camouflage print deck boots were designed for anglers who require comfortable, durable and flexible athletic footwear for long trips on the water. The hand-layed rubber eliminates them as a commercial-grade contender to their Legacy and Wheelhouse ankle boots; however, XTRATUF’s classic slip-resistant Chevron outsole and lightweight, waterproof construction combined with a unique Mossy Oak snow-camo print make them a fitting choice for late-season or mid-winter anglers. 

Rugged Shark Great White Neo Deck Boot 


Rugged Shark Great White Neo Deck Boot

A slip-resistant, non-marking outsole and tough, vulcanized rubber provide anglers with a durable, rugged, yet flexible and comfortable deck boot. The rubber outsole generates traction while a removable, water-friendly cushioned insole provides sustained comfort with the option to remove the insole for quick-drying purposes in the event of an over-ankle breach.  

Grundens Deck-Boss Ankle Boots


Grundens Deck-Boss Ankle Boot

Built with a thick, cushioned insole to absorb shock and a cooling anti-odor liner, these waterproof performance boots were designed with prolonged comfort and functionality being of utmost importance. The natural gum rubber outsole is siped like the grips of a car tire to disperse pooling moisture on wet surfaces and generate stronger traction.  

Grundens Women’s Deck Boss Ankle Boots


Grundens Womens Ankle Deck Boot

A thick and noticeably soft shock-resistant insole and natural gum rubber outsole work in conjunction to make these comfortable deck boots a safe choice in any conditions. The outsole is siped like the grips of a car tire to disperse slippery liquids like blood and mud on boat decks and other wet surfaces, while generating stronger traction.

Pelagic Pursuit Fishing Boot


Pelagic Pursuit 6-inch Fishing Boot

A custom non-slip boat sole and reinforced toe provide sturdy protection from slick or cluttered boat decks. Constructed with 100-percent waterproof rubber, these spacious insoles leave extra room for anglers with a wider foot, and a Neotech liner provides breathability, while giving leeway to comfortably wear thick wool socks or use insertable insoles. 

Shimano Evair Boots


Shimano Evair Boots

A thick, 15-millimeter EVA insole provides anglers with extra cushion and support over a tough, non-slip and non-marking outsole that is made of a special rubber compound for increased abrasion resistance. The one-piece lightweight boot is composed of vulcanized rubber that makes it 100-percent waterproof, and a fast-drying interior allows for quick recovery when moisture does find its way over the top of the boot.  

12-inch Deck Boots 

Twice the height of most standard ankle deck boots, 12-inch fishing deck boots increase waterproof coverage to the mid-calf region while providing additional ankle support without the restriction of a full-length 15-inch boot. For those reasons, 12-inch deck boots are popular with commercial fishermen, who require a slip-resistant, waterproof boot equipped to withstand extensive abuse in rough, slick, and sometimes cold conditions.

XTRATUF Insulated Elite Legacy Boot


XTRATUF Men’s 12-inch Insulated Elite Deck Boot

The Elite Legacy boot is built with an oil and chemical resistant rubber to hold up against salt, blood, deck-cleaning products, and acids. A flexible mesh neoprene bootie provides snug-fitting, breathable waterproof comfort that will insulate to temperatures as low as negative 20-degrees Fahrenheit, which make these a supreme choice for the winter-weather angler. 

Grundens Deck Boot


Grundens 12-inch Deck Boot

Shock resistance, comfort, slip resistance and longevity are the primary factors that make these 12-inch deck boots a versatile, all-season footwear choice. Grundens non-marking, natural gum-rubber outsole features a unique grip pattern that disperses water beneath the foot to minimize slips and falls on wet and bloody decks. Inside, a thick insole and an odor-resistant liner provide optimal comfort and minimize the wet-deck-boot stench that can turn anglers away from a pair of boots for good.  

Rugged Shark Great White Deck Boot


Rugged Shark Premium Great White Deck Boot

The removable, water-friendly cushioned footbed in these flexible, vulcanized rubber boots provides anglers with a comfortable and fast-drying shoe for extensive days on the water. A non-marking and slip-resistant “Shark Grip” outsole makes them a comfortable and functional boat-worthy candidate that is slightly shorter than the standard 12-inch deck boot. 

Pelagic Expedition Fishing Boot


Pelagic Expedition 12-inch Fishing Boot

Made with 100% waterproof rubber construction, these flexible, comfortable non-slip deck boots feature a flexible neoprene upper half for a breathable boot that keeps you dry up to the mid-calf area. With a reinforced toe and an interior cooling liner, the 12-inch Pelagic Expeditions are equally built for heavy duty work as they are for comfort in wet, slippery conditions. 

Shimano Evair Rubber Boots


Shimano Evair 12-inch Rubber Boots

Made with the same 100% waterproof, vulcanized-rubber construction as their shorter ankle-boot model, the 12-inch Evair boots further emphasize comfort by contributing a soft, 5/8-inch thick, EVA-molded insole for maximum comfort for feet of all shapes and sizes. The extra height provides additional waterproof security, and a non-marking, compound rubber sole allows for maximum abrasion resistance when working with sharp or hazardous objects on slippery decks.

Pelagic Longshore Fishing Boot


Pelagic Longshore 12-inch Fishing Boot

Featuring all the fixings of the Expedition Deck Boot, these camouflage-print boots were designed specifically for anglers in the back bays and salt marshes. They’re a great option for hunters, shell fishermen, and backwater anglers alike, when looking the part is equally as important as feeling comfortable in your own shoes.

Muck Boots Men’s Arctic Outpost Mid Boots


Muck Boots Men’s Arctic Outpost Mid Boots

These fully waterproof and insulated deck boots feature a flex-foam interior for comfort that moves with you, and a multi-directional outsole which leaves them less prone to cracking after saltwater dries on the outside. Additionally, the fleece lining provides warmth for all-day comfort in cold-water environments and wintertime outings on the water.

Marlin Deck Boots


Marlin Deck Boots II

Designed to look and feel like a lightweight PVC waterproof boot, these mid-height deck boots are made of a closed-cell DuPont EVA foam that provides insulated, waterproof comfort and breathability at an affordable price. With non-marking, non-skid outsoles and orthotic foot pad support, these comfort-focused boots provide stability and safety during extensive outings in cool or cold conditions.

15-inch Deck Boots

Fifteen-inch deck boots can be equally useful both on and off the deck of a boat. These high-top boots provide exceptional waterproofing for the cold-water fishing crews that are braving high seas and rough weather, but are equally as useful to shore-based anglers, who don’t need full-on waders, but want to keep their feet dry.

XTRATUF Insulated Elite Legacy Boot


XTRATUF Men’s 15-inch Insulated Elite Legacy Boots

In high seas and wintery conditions, the 15-inch Legacy boot is designed to block out all moisture and provide additional protection against chemicals, blood and other fluids. They are made with XTRATUF’s slip-resistant, non-marking outsole and latex neoproene. The nearly knee-high boots feature cushioned insoles for a comfortable, waterproof and flexible boot that allows anglers to perform without inhibiting their agility or ability.  

XTRATUF Legacy Boot


XTRATUF Legacy 15-inch Rubber Boot

These boots are recognized as the staple footwear for commercial fishermen who require a workhorse boot. They fit snugly over the calf to keep high water sealed out. The latex neoprene outer construction is ozone-resistant, lightweight and pliable for comfortable mobility, which is further encouraged by cushioned insoles that give arch support to eliminate strain on the ankles, legs and lower back during long days on the water.  

Grundens Deck-Boss Fishing Boot


Grundens 15-inch Deck-Boss Fishing Boot

These waterproof, commercial-grade boots are ready for any conditions that anglers may run into offshore. The rubber outsole features Grundens patented Herkules Grip with the highest SRC slip resistance rating. Despite their heavy-duty construction, the flexible upper can be folded down to avoid discomfort in humid conditions. With a reinforced toe and crack-resistant rubber upper, these boots demand peak performance through changing conditions and rugged treatment. 

Grundens Deviation Tall Boot

Starting at $164.99

Grundens Deviation Tall Boot

Another commercial grade 15-inch deck boot from Grundens, the Deviation Tall Boot features heavy duty construction, and additional rubber lugs on the outsole perimeter to amplify traction on slippery surfaces. Inside, a compression-molded EVA midsole provides extra arch support for heavy lifting and other laborious deck hand tasks, and the thermo-regulating liner allows your foot to breathe to reduce sweating for prolonged comfort.

Guy Cotten Ultralite Polyurethane Boots


Guy Cotten Ultralite Polyurethane Boots

These flexible, lightweight boots provide waterproof insulation down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit, and removable insoles provide the option for customizable comfort. The mid-calf boots have a heel spur for easy removal when it’s quitting time, and the non-marking outsole features a supportive heel to minimize fatigue and reduce strain on your feet during long hours on wet decks.

6 on “The Best Fishing Deck Boots

  1. John V. Ioia

    Fabulous and timely article for me since I will be shopping for new deck boots soon.

  2. keith

    Great article as I am also looking for ankle boots this spring. However, I do find that for some reason the Grundens are either too big or too small for me from one size up or down. Aftco is coming out with a pair this spring that look pretty nice. Might give them a try.

    1. brian

      i have a pair for years comfortable warm and waterproof 5 years no sign of cracking fish on my boat 40 50 times a season

  3. Jim T

    I’ve picked up Mucks from a local sports store and so far it’s a decent 7-8/10 boot, not the most amazing one I’ve ever had(that probably would go to one of the older Xtratuf models I’ve had, God those lasted me almost a decade). Nevertheless, great read and solid suggestions!

  4. Rob

    Extratuf is total garbage, I have had 2 pairs breakdown and separate at the sole and not last 1 season

  5. Arthur Howe

    II’ve worn many boots over the years. For winter use, I feel Muck Arctic Sports are at the top of the pile, with a comfort rating to -40F. Beware of faux shearling…that means polyester or similar but NOT wool, which is far superior. For year round use, I have worn Muck Edgewaters for 21 years, including while ice harvesting commercially in the winter. They also float!! Be well. Art Howe, Fishing Safety Instructor

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